Restoring Health, One Person At A Time

Exceed Urgent Care is your partner in achieving your optimal health and wellness.  We will work with you to come up with a weight loss program that will work with your busy schedule and lifestyle.   We not only focus on your weight, but also on your overall well being.   Every person that comes through our weight loss clinic receives an in-depth medical examination to ensure that we provide them with exactly the right treatment.


  • Provider Supervised Program
  • Thorough Medical Screen With EKG
  • Many Weight Loss Options

Are You A Candidate?

  • BMI grater than or equal to 27%
  • Controlled High Blood Pressure
  • No Excitable Heart Conditions
  • Not Pregnant Or Breast Feeding
weight loss

Not A Candidate? Check Out Cool Sculpting

  • FDA-cleared, safe and effective
  • No Surgery Or Downtime
  • Free Consultation
  • Cool Sculpting Certified Practice
  • Amazing Results
  • Melt Your Fat Away